Lean Time Management and Organization Skills is the base foundation of Personal Development 

The first sign of needing new skills in this area is a visual view of how much daily clutter are you working in with piles of stuff laying around or in desk drawers and spending a lot of personal time each day trying to find things.


In the past a cluttered work area may have been considered acceptable by saying this is just a very busy person.   Today due to the focus on quality and cost of work this is considered a very disorganized person.   

Viewing a work space is similar to viewing an iceberg – the visible portion is only an indication of what lies below the surface.


Work space littered with documentation piles, full e-mail in-boxes, notes, papers and files point to “below surface” activities of longer work hours, increased stress, negative visual images and inability to stay focused.


Kenneth Lewis provides you a program methodology for managing a practical workday, skills that enable you to achieve the following program goals:

  • Gain an additional 5 hours of productive time per week
  • Work from a clear desk and clean office
  • Find any information in less than one minute
  • Obtain an empty e-mail in-box each day


Domain name kelp.com has changed to kelpt.net

email is kelewis@kelpt.net  

Interested in experiencing less stress and taking control of your day?

Call today at 260-672-2028 or 260-704-3529 to discuss your interest or email kelewis@kelp.com.

Have you ever watched people spend several days attending a workshop and come out emotionally all pumped up with that's the way I want to work and live my life,  but on Monday morning they revert back to their old habits.





My Program structure includes an accountability phase (follow up) which helps develop a personalized set of processes that assists clients staying focused daily.


 Accountability forces habit change.

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